Join our Summer Reading Program

Join our Summer Reading Program!! 🙂

Hello Friends,

I am sponsoring a Summer Reading Program called “Reach for the Stars”. It is a reading program that rewards children for reading with Usborne Books, and earns books for children in need at a charity of your choice -or- if you do not have a particular charity in mind, 50% of the pledges will be used to donate books to the Moreno Valley Public Library. What a better way to beat the summer slide, than to join our summer reading program that will earn your children books and also contribute to charity! Amazing!

This program is for ages infant through high school. For non-readers, parents pledge to read to their child. Throughout the 3-week programs (Session 1: July 3rd-July 21st) & (Session 2: August 7th-August 25th) participants will read for 20 minutes a day Monday-Friday any books of their choosing, collecting pledges from friends, neighbors, relatives to support their reading activity. Your child does not need to participate in both sessions, they have the option to choose just one, if they would like.

This reading program can be done in conjunction with any other program. Children do NOT need to read additional books for this program. It’s a ‘win-win’ program that rewards children for keeping up their summer reading, and a chance to help other children gain access to quality books as well.

All necessary paperwork to join this program are found at our VIP Page

or you can email me at and I can email them to you.

Please feel free to message me with any questions, or inquiries.

Feel free to “SHARE” this information with anyone you think may be interested. This opportunity is open to everyone in the U.S.

>>>Click here to join our Summer Reading Program<<<


Session 1 begins Monday, July 3rd

Summer Reading Program, Usborne Books& More
Session 1: Summer Reading Program (Reach for the Stars) with Usborne Books & More

Exciting Opportunities!

Let me tell you all, that there has never been a better time to join Usborne Books & More than NOW! There’s so many exciting things to look forward to, and I would love for you all to join in on this journey too!

Usborne Books & More is offering a consultant kit at $50 for the month of June ONLY. So that only leaves a few more days before this offer expires. I think the last time our kits were on sale like this was over 2 years ago!! So this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Our kits are usually priced at $75 and $125, so you can see the incredible savings! Okay as if it couldn’t get any better, it totally does LOL. You can earn back the cost of your investment within your first 12 weeks up to 100% along with great bonuses too!

Only $50 to join this JUNE!

As you can see, here’s what’s included:

  • 5 UBAM Catalogs
  • 20 mini catalogs
  • 50 customer order forms
  • 10 host guides
  • 6 month e-business package

Offer ends June 30th!

This opportunity is open to anyone in the U.S.

Okay, so on to more great news. UBAM just announced this years incentive trip, and it’s PUNTA CANA!

Punta Cana Incentive Trip

The trip is set to take place on July 11th-16th 2018 and the time to start earning this trip is now till January 31st, 2018.

Vivir – Volar – Viajar (Live – Fly – Travel)

Included in this amazing vacation:

  • 5 nights at Club Med, Punta Cana, an all-inclusive hotel
  • Flights to and from Punta Cana
  • Transportation to and from Punta Cana airport to hotel
  • Meals and drinks
  • Daily entertainment
  • All taxes and gratuities

Here’s some information shared with us consultants, from our Home Office:

Punta Cana Incentive Vacation

So I know where I’ll next year!! Question is, WILL YOU BE THERE TOO?!

If the answer is YES!!!!!!

Then you definitely want to sign up today

Let’s get you on the road to success, starting right now!


Join my VIP for EXCLUSIVE Access

Hey Friends!

I wanted to give you all an update about where you can get access to free books, discounts, giveaways, inside sneak peeks into our books, read aloud’s, literacy tips, and more. Usually, I would post them on my Facebook. But, Usborne has just updated their policies and it seems like I can provide these goodies in my VIP Group Only!

So if you really want to get some exclusive access into some literacy/book goodies, you’ll have to join my VIP Facebook Group!

Feel free to send a request, and I’ll be happy to add you! <3 I look forward to having you all join me on this journey, especially for our Summer Reading Program coming up in July! More details will follow in the coming weeks. Also, although, I cannot post VIP Exclusive material publicly, I will definitely announce it here on my blog and also on Facebook, so that you don’t miss out and can take a visit to the VIP to get some great stuff!

I will be posting a calendar in the coming week, to let you all in on a few things to expect in the VIP group 🙂


So stay tuned!


Let me know in the comments what are some things you’re excited to see in the VIP group? I’m open to suggestions! <3 

Beat the Summer Slide with Usborne Books!

Have you all heard of the Summer Slide? Summer is full of fun, but you know what is not fun? Academic loss! All that time that your children are out of school, they are forgetting the things they spent their time learning. It is so important to keep information fresh in their minds, so that when they return to school they are well prepared and excelling from beginning to end. Children who do not read during the summer can lose up to three months of reading progress and that loss has a cumulative, long-term-effect! That’s what we call the dreadful, summer slide! But here are three things you can do, to stop the slide! Here’s how you can beat the summer slide with Usborne Books!

  1. Start A Reading List
  2. Read New Books Every Day
  3. Keep Reading Aloud

All sorts of reading benefits children! Whether it’s a chapter book, picture book, short story, sticker books, coloring books, it all works for the benefit of your child! Check out more information below! 

So stock up on some Usborne Books and get yourself a bookshelf full of Usborne Books! Want a free book? Join our Summer Book Subscription Box and take a photo of your Usborne Book Shelf filled with your new books, submit them and make sure to tag us on Instagram @kidsreadingtree 🙂

Stock up on Usborne Books

Join our Summer Book Box for only $50! Get 2-3 books delivered to your door, along with literacy tips, fun tools and resources to encourage literacy in your children this Summer. Click here to Subscribe!

Summer Book Box: June, July & August

1st Grade Homeschooling Book Box with Usborne Books

1st Grade Usborne Homeschooling Book Box
1st Grade Homeschool Book Box

1st Grade Usborne Homeschooling Book Box

Create your very own 1st Grade Usborne Homeschooling Book Box! We have so many wonderful books to choose from, and here I have laid out some recommendations to fit into your child’s educational needs. The wonderful thing about these book boxes is that you get to choose which books you’d love to have for your children and they are delivered straight to your door. Also, if you are not satisfied with the recommendations you can always head over to our Kids Reading Tree Shop to view our wide selection of school-aged books.

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Choose one book from each category (Reading, Writing, Mathematics)Add Ons are Optional.

Step 2: Fill out and Submit Form

Step 3: You will receive an email with a confirmation of your book order and a link in your email to make your payment. Make your purchase -or- contact me to host a book party to get your order for free or half price with a qualifying party.


If the books listed do not meet your homeschooling needs. Contact me to customize your book box!

We know that kids can be rough on books, and that is why we have a 50% Replacement Policy if your children happen to damage the books 🙂 All you would need to do is contact me and I’ll arrange your replacement. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!!50% Replacement Policy

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our 1st Grade Usborne Homeschooling Book Boxes, feel free to leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you! Also let us know what are some of your favorite Usborne Books that you utilize for homeschooling your children? 

Spread the word! Make sure to share this post with your homeschooling families and friends!

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Usborne Books Homeschooling (Pre-K to Kindergarten)

Finding homeschooling books for your children between Pre-K and Kinder has never been easier! Now you get to customize your book box to fit your child’s homeschooling needs.

PreK to Kinder Homeschooling Custom Book Box

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Choose one book from each category (Reading, Writing, Mathematics)Add Ons are Optional.

Step 2: Fill out and Submit Form

Step 3: You will receive an email with a confirmation of your book order and a link in your email to make your payment. Make your purchase -or- contact me to host a book party to get your order for free or half price with a qualifying party.


If the books listed do not meet your homeschooling needs. Contact me to customize your book box!

To view the whole selection for Pre-K to Kindergarten click here!

Coloring: Developmental Benefits for Children

Did you know that Coloring Pages are wonderful educational tools that have life-long developmental benefits for your children? Yes, learning can be FUN and it certainly should be. Here are a few ways that coloring can help your child’s cognitive, emotional, physical, creative, and social development.


As children color and scribble, they are learning concepts such as different shapes and colors. Mixing colors such as blue+yellow=green teaches them the relationship between colors and cause and effects. These basic concepts help prepare children for school.


Coloring is a wonderful, memorable past-time for children. They often feel happy and excited to be coloring. Coloring also helps a child feel proud about their accomplishments and this helps boost their self-esteem. I would encourage you as parents to acknowledge their creative works and proudly post them around, maybe on your fridge, or even framed around the house or you could just simply take a picture of it with your phone. Simple acknowledgments of praise, like: “Wow, you did a great job coloring! I really love how you (insert specific compliment here. Example: I really love how you colored your sky pink and blue)” is sure to put a smile on your child’s face.

Coloring is something most children enjoy doing and it can be a very therapeutic activity. Coloring can help a child relieve their heightened emotions or allow them to express themselves creatively in a way that is healthy and stress-relieving. Also, coloring isn’t just for children. This can be a fun bonding experience between you and your children.

Physical Benefits:

As children hold onto crayons or markers, they are building the strength and muscles in their hands and fingers, preparing them for writing as they head into school. Coloring helps develop fine motor skills and utilizes hand-eye coordination which is very important for early learners, to help prepare for school readiness. As children are coloring they are becoming  familiar with the movements of their hands that are necessary for writing. In this way, writing becomes a natural action. Visually, children are observing different colors, and they are becoming aware of each color able to visually recognize and identify them.

Creative Benefits:

Of course as you can expect, coloring stimulates creativity and opens a world of imagination for children allowing them to express themselves. It’s important to allow children to color in the way that they would like to. It’s perfectly okay if your child wants to color the sky yellow and the grass purple. It’s perfectly okay if they draw a portrait of you and your portrait is missing a nose and ears. It’s important to support and positively reinforce that creativity is a process of exploring, discovering new things, and experimenting with new things. It’s not about the final product but rather about the process that really helps your child’s development.

Social Benefits

Coloring can open the opportunity for expanding a child’s vocabulary. Open a conversation with your child and talk about their artwork, whether it be the colors, the shapes, or what they drew. Using specific words to describe their artwork helps them understand new words like: circle, wavy, yellow, clouds, etc., and also helps them gain an understanding of the world around them. By speaking about their artwork you can also ask open-ended  questions which will help children to think about their work and provide them an opportunity to use their social skills to provide an answer. An example  of this can be, “What made you decide to make the flowers blue?” and the child may respond something like, “I decided to make the flowers blue because blue is my favorite color”. Opening this line of communication helps your children become more effective communicators.

At Usborne Books & More we offer a great selection of  coloring books for children of all ages and adults too! You can shop directly from our list of coloring books by clicking: here


Tell me in the comments, in what ways have you seen coloring make a positive impact in your child?

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5 Minute Stories

Today we are discussing, 5 Minute Stories!

Have you ever felt so busy and you know that literacy is important for your kids  but you think, “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!” So you give your children some books to read for themselves but they aren’t interested. Children view their caretakers behaviors and they often mimic it. So if you’re telling yourself, you don’t have the time, they tell themselves that reading is really not that important and so they won’t make time for that either. 😉

This is why I LOVE 5 minute stories. No matter how busy you are, we all have at least 5 solid minutes to spare with our children and to be able to give them that undivided attention, spending quality time to explore and enjoy the fruits of reading aloud together.

Usborne Books & More has a heart-warming collection of eleven gentle animal stories, perfect for sharing together at bedtime. Cozy stories include ‘Little Lion’s Roar’, ‘Badger’s Happy Feeling’ and ‘Dog and the Balloon’. With enchanting illustrations and just the right length for the end of a busy day. You can purchase this 5-Minute Bedtime Stories book by clicking here 🙂

Join my 5-Minute Reading Challenge for 5 days out of the week!


We would LOVE to see you taking the steps to read for 5 minutes a day 🙂

Day 1: Take a photo of you and your child reading and share it!


tag us on Instagram @kidsreadingtree using hashtag #KRT5Min

Day  2: Create a video recording you and your child reading aloud!

Any amount of submissions are allowed. Up to 5 participants will be featured on our blog!

Email them at

Subject Line: KRT 5 Minute Challenge

Day 3: 

Day 4: Tell us what 5-Minute story you chose for this challenge and what your child loved about it.

Day 5: Tell us what you loved about this challenge & what your children’s absolute favorite 5 Minute Story book is 🙂

May 1st, entries will be put into a raffle and one lucky winner will get our Five Minute Bedtime Stories book for FREE! 🙂

Winner will be featured in our blog.


Happy Reading!

-Kids Reading Tree-